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18 de mayo de 2012

I will sell my Soul tonight...

I’ll sell my soul tonight i swear,
Is not too much the time it’ll take…

But when I want to sell my soul
A demon in anger to me will say:
You don’t even have a soul
Why you did now even forgot?

You had a dream so many years ago
For being nothing more, but a great lord
To command in hell, forever and more
This is your wish, what you can afford.

For now in life you have to suffer,
To hate all people, to wish their death
And only then, when you’re dead inside
Only then in hell you will rise.

Take the suffering, take the pain
The demon to me will say,
So through all this you will be our king
In this world for now you have to stay...

Take the tears, take the anger
Cut yourself so you can be in danger
Learn some magic, kill some people
So you can afford your own position.

And then that night I will remember
That being in hell is my biggest dream ever
And then I’ll swear that I will be never
The one who loves anyone forever...

And I will smile instead of crying
Saying to god that I quit staying
It’s now for me the time to try
To destroy this world and then to die.

I will sell my Soul tonight
por: Alexander Dmitrievich

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V. T. Abdala (Emile) dijo...

Qué maravilla! Te pasaste!!!

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